An Urgent Message
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Time is running out for
Bill Stephens. We need
your help today...

Bill Stephens has been a pillar of the McHenry County
Illinois Community for over 30 years. He's lived in
the same home for 31 years. He's losing that home
thanks to shady loopholes in Illinois mortgage laws
that benefit the banks, not the homeowner.

He did everything the right way. He filed all the
paperwork necessary to prevent a foreclosure,
but it still happened anyway. Even with clear
evidence that this shouldn't have happened, a
McHenry County Chancery Judge ruled in favor of
the mortgage company.

Click the button to see the entire court docket and you
will be astonished! But, also please scroll down to
the next panel. This is where you can do something to
help Bill during this time.


Bill needs help
packing boxes at
his home & then
unpacking them
at his next place.
Please volunteer.



Bill brought up his son and daughter as a single parent
and ran his business from the home he is losing. After 30 years, Christmas just won't be the same this year without it...

Facts About Bill Stephens
  • Bill Suffered a massive heart condition in 2013 requiring emergency quadruple bypass surgery in Wisconsin.
  • He is self-employed, thus self-insured and all reserves ran out in 2016.
  • Bill owns his own business, but lost over 50% of his clients due to his health crisis.
  • He was diagnosed with bladder cancer 3 times and beat it each time.
  • Bill served as a volunteer firefighter and 1st responder for many years in McHenry County, Illinois.
  • Bill still volunteers as a fire department incident photographer.
  • Bill has been a photojournalist for over 40 years and is co-owner and chief photographer of Metro News Wire Service, a family run business where everyone gets paid only when they work. Business obviously has been slow for sometime now. TV stations and newspapers can get free materials from anyone with a cellphone.
  • Bill's legal fees along with daily expenses are far greater than the money he currently has to pay for everything. Many times Bill has to choose between paying a bill or buying vital medications.
  • Life shouldn't be like this for someone who has given so much of themselves over the years. Bill isn't asking for any help; WE, his friends and business colleagues are doing so because we love Bill and can't imagine our world without him in it. Thank you for hearing the call and acting upon it in any way you're comfortably able to do so. You and your thoughtfulness mean the world to us and to Bill...
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay