I'm losing everything very soon and don't know what to do or what will happen next

by Bill Stephens, Metro News Photographer

Update Wednesday, 8th May 2019 | 08:15 AM CT

McHENRY, IL - Over the past six years, I have endured five surgeries and three rounds of chemo. Because of the health issues and being self employed, I have lost income for the past six years.

I have lost so much income that my house was foreclosed on a few days ago and I have until the end of July to pack up and get out of my home. Over the last six years, I have asked for help. My editor has started Go Fund Me pages to help and stories have been written and circulated to all of the Chicago news media outlets. Well, it has been radio silence; no response at all.

I even had a comment from a fellow firefighter I recently worked with who told me he had no idea and thought it might be some kind of joke. So five surgeries and chemo - a joke? Losing my home of 31 years a joke? I’m not laughing. And it is no joke!

I have to pack up my home of 31 years that I raised my two children in which is also currently my only source of income. My savings has been decimated between legal fees and medical bills.

Over the past six years, my income has suffered because of the surgeries and recovery time where I couldn't work. I have lost clients because I was not available when they needed me. What do you do when you are backed into a corner? The banks have all of these government given tricks up there sleeves to take your home and I have yet to find an advocate that is available to help me in this unfair situation.